Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Rigged?

Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Rigged

The online poker sites would have you believe that their software is fair for all players. In fact many of the online poker sites are required to submit their software for rigorous testing to prove it is a fair for all players game for all players. Nevertheless, many players at the PlayAces Poker website in Kansas, US, claim the software at PlayAces is rigged.

In the Cryptologic database of poker software it is reported that 11.7 million of the 24.7 million combinations in the Cryptologic database have some bias due to which the winning odds are more inclined to certain hands. The suspicious software is said to heavily weight certain hands in the outcome, which is clearly not how the true odds of the games work.

Many players at PlayAces claim that the software at PlayAces is not fair for them as they lose constantly to bad hands. Some claim at PlayAces that they have had many bad beats at the hands they play at PlayAces. One forum member, posture, claims to have had 19 consecutive bad beats at PlayAces. A few other forum members claim to have had 11-12 bad beats at the hands they play at PlayAces as well.

As a player at PlayAces who loses most often, I can assure you that the software at PlayAces is not fair for you as you’ll soon see why.

The International Poker Ratings website has the ratings for all the main poker sites and it is broken down into 5 groups:

Free-rolls, cash games, MTTs, and Sit and go tournaments. The top three for each of these categories are Titan Poker, Party Poker and Full tilt poker.

For the sake of this article, we are going to take a closer look at the MTTs and Sit and go tournaments.

MTTs are multi-table tournaments and are really what the majority of people think of when the term poker tournament is mentioned. You would play a tournament with a fixed number of players. Most tournaments have 3 stages named the early stage, middle stage and the late tournament.

Of the 5 poker sites reviewed for this article, all but one of them allow you to participate in the early stages for free. The problem with this is you can’t profit unless you actually win the pot. Your best bet is to wait for a huge hand such as a set to get you started.

The cash games at each poker site tend to be much different from each other. I have found that the deposit bonuses at the poker sites are some of the best bankrolls you can get. You need to earn a bonus to actually get the money out of the bonus. I suggest you take advantage of every bonus you can.

Poker Stars is where I earn most of my money. I don’t play at the second highest poker room because I fear they may be rigged. You can still win at Poker Stars with the same hands you can at the largest poker room.

Full Tilt Poker is where I earn the majority of my money. I like the players here and the room has some of the best players on the planet.

Party Dewabet is where I dream of beating the best.

All the poker sites above are great for tournament players. You won’t win Sit and Go’s at Full Tilt Poker because the house will always have the best hand. You can still make a lot of money though if you play the game the right way.

A tip for Sit and go poker players. Play extremely tight in the early stages and then switch to a more aggressive game as the blind to stack ratio reduces and the table is slowlyened.

Good luck at your poker tournaments!