Horse Betting Professor

Horse Betting Professor

Horse betting can provide a means of supplementing a person’s income however most people will not consider betting on horses for the sole reason that there seems to be a perception that some form of experience or knowledge is needed before playing the horses. Not any more.

With the advent of the Internet a person can play the horses race betting for a living and make a substantial amount of money, or be a full time professional just like the bookies.

Most people consider playing the horses to be a past time, or something to make a profit, and when they play the horses they tend to forget that they are doing it for real money. They pay the price for something that they believe they can do without thinking. Other horses might have a speed capital and therefore can make a profit but most people consider playing the horses for profit to be odd.

If you play the horses for profit and use the right methods then you can be assured that you will make a steady and significant profit and there will be no danger or inconvenience involved in playing the horses.

If you play horses for profit and plan to pay to play then you need to consider a few issues:

The Acks And Bolts Of Horse Betting

In a nutshell, there are 5 areas that need to be considered, the Betting, The Racing, The Rules And The Spread.

  1. Alchooling – choose a method that suits you, horse racing books, staking systems, histories and training.
  2. Choosing a Training Site – specify the type of contract you intend to go to, player to player, daily deals, MYM, racing post net, racing home etc.
  3. State Of The Art Tracking Software – Whether it is Race powered, Live powered or High Country Racing, ensure you have the in built tracking in place, also consider the associated licensing terms and conditions.
  4. Calculation Method – ensure you have the suite of systems like Excel and Generator available and be able to use them. Race make sure you have the latest version which will calculate your figures quickly and effectively.
  5. Income Management – whatever way you look at it, you are dealing with the possibility of losing your investment. Income management is the process by which you plan to earn a profit and still maintain your bankroll. It is very important to design a financial plan as this is another way in ensuring you have a plan of how to make a profit, without going broke.

Some of the key components of an income management plan are:

A plan needs to be part of your business plan, not just part of your horse racing betting business. If you do not have a plan you may end up going broke, so it is vital that you take these fundamentals into account, when developing your income management plan.

Do not follow the crowd – People have made many mistakes when they were starting out and many have returned to the way they did before they started, however you should not follow the crowd, develop your own ways and create a new way to make money by betting on